Product Reviews
Check out my scope, firearm, and other product reviews…here you’ll find honest,
objective, and useful information on “average stuff” that the average person can
afford.  I'm not like the gun writers who "review" guns and other product for the
same people who advertise in their magazines.  And, I don't get invited to
manufacturers hunts and safaris so I can provide an "objective" review of their
product.  I will call a spade a spade.  I'm more like the
Gun Tests Magazine folks...if
it's a dog or I just don't think it's a good value, I'll tell you...because I don't want
you to waste your money like I did. No you won’t find a review on a $1,500 scope
or a fancy presentation grade shotgun that costs more than my car (well maybe
thats not a good comparison...I drive a 95 Mazda with a leaky sunroof).  What you
will find is a growing number of reviews that I hope you find useful.

Savage model 14 American Classic:

TacDriver 2.5-10 x 50 Illuminated Mil Dot Riflescope by Kruger Optical:

Redfield “Revolution” Scope 3-9x40 and 4-12x40