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I have both of these scopes, the 3-9 with the Duplex reticle and the 4-12 with the
Accu-Range reticle and I love them. I would recommend any of the Redfields. First
a little background. Redfields were a fine American scope and were a household
name for the better part of the 20th century. Late in the 1990s the company closed
its Denver, CO doors and the Redfield name suffered as management of the
corporate assets passed hands several times. In 2008, Leupold & Stevens, Inc
purchased the name and intellectual rights and resurrected this fine scope line.
Redfield Scopes are being made by Leupold at their Oregon factory and they
are covered by a full lifetime warranty…regardless if you are the original owner or

Bottom line is these are basic American made scopes and represent probably the
best value on the market for an entry level American scope. The glass is very good
with vapor deposition multi-coated surfaces, 1/4 MOA finger click adjustments,
and brightness is comparable to a similar Leupold VX-1. You can have your choice
of finish as long as it’s matt black. Eye relief is very good on these scopes and not
as critical as my Weaver V-series scopes (not a slam on Weavers, I own several
and they are fine scopes too). Both reticles are well designed and are a good
balance with heavy weight posts and fine centers. I haven’t shot beyond 200 yards
with the Accu-Range reticle so I can’t comment on its accuracy but I’m confident
you’ll have no problems as long as you know your load ballistics. The zoom ring is
smooth and easy to turn, and the adjustment and zoom markings are clear. I love
these scopes, so far they have held their zeros and performed very well in hot and
cold weather, on 4 wheelers, and on my back. I’ll now buy Redfields instead of VX-
1s because they are every bit as good plus you get click adjustments on the
Redfield…you have to go up to a VX-II for clicks on a Leupold.
Redfield “Revolution” Scope 3-9x40 and 4-12x40