A little about me (John) and our business.  I won’t treat you like the big gun stores
who could care less about your individual business.  You know…where you wait in
line for a salesman and when you finally talk with him, he’s ready to move on to the
next person in line because you’re not buying a gun fast enough.  I don’t like being
treated like that and you probably don’t either.  I want to earn your business.  I’m
not in this for the money, I do it because I enjoy guns and believe in our Second
Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  I’m a collector, shooter, reloader, and
hunter.  I’m a retired Air Force Officer, a disabled Vet, an NRA Patron Life Member,
SASS Member #90242 “Smokin Sandy”, and TriCity Gun club regular member (in
Norman, OK).  

I’m a one man shop and run this business part time with my wife’s help.  I have a
full-time job… unfortunately gun sales and ‘smithin alone doesn’t feed my large
family.  So we are basically open evenings by appointment.  I do most of my
firearm sales online through Gunbroker and perform most of my gunsmithing from
our home shop. If I’m not equipped to handle your specific firearm repairs or
needs, I will refer you to my network of gunsmiths.  I do special orders but I won't
charge you the "special" price.  As a matter of fact, I'm usually cheaper than the
big gun stores around town and I'll personally take care you, not treat you like a

We do not support Metcalf Gun Shows because they do not recognise our military
or civil servants with a discount.  

We're a family friendly business so if you like how we “give you the business”
please tell your friends.  If you don’t like how we “give you the business”, please
tell me, I’ll do my best to make it right, because the buck stops here.  I reserve the
right to refuse service to anyone and you need to speak English when you come to
see us.  Finally, I believe we should keep tax-paying Americans working...so buy
American when you can and even better, buy products made in Oklahoma.  God
bless you and God bless America.
About Us