Some of my gun projects
Customized M95
M95 close up
A Hungarian M95 that I rebuilt from a $39.00 parts gun. This gun had a split
stock but was otherwise complete.  I sweated the stock in a box of wood
shavings before I glued and screwed the split halves together.  I put 16 oz of
lead shot epoxy in the stock to tame recoil down a bit and then refinished it in a
textured sand coating and over-layed that with two coats of ultra-flat clear coat
to seal the wood.  It shoots an odd caliber, the 8x56R rimmed Hungarian, that I
reload for.  It's fun to shoot and it gets a lot of attention at shows and the range
from those who know about the M95.
Customized 91/30
91/30 close up
91/30 close up
I fully customized one of my Mosin Nagant 91/30s.  Work done includes stock,
bedding, shortened and re-crowned the barrel, matt black duracoat, Timney
trigger, Rock Solid scope mount, bent bolt.  I put 12 oz of lead shot epoxy in the
stock to balance it out and make it more stable for bench rest shooting.  I'm
planning to take coyotes with it.
Custom Howa
A Howa 1500 in .243 Win with a left hand thumbhole stock...sweet!  
My 1950 Savage model 99EG in 300 Savage.  When I acquired it several years
back, it was real dirty with some surface rust and the stock finish was trashed.  
I disassembled, cleaned, and polished the metal.  I stripped the stock and
refinished it with a hand rubbed tung oil finish.  It's pretty close to original now
except for the Redfield scope.  I hope  to take a deer with it this year.
Savage 99EG
Savage close-up
Savage close up
Here is a Traditions .50 cal black powder pistol I built from a kit.  It needed a lot
of inletting and hand fitting.  I stained the stock a dark walnut then sanded it out
to show the grain.  Then I finished in a hand rubbed tung oil.  The wood turned
out great, pictures just don't do it justice.  If your ever at my shop you're
welcome to look at it.
50 Caliber Kit Pistol
50 Caliber Kit Pistol
I'm a collector and many of my guns are original or restored to original.  Some
projects could not be restored to original because they were just too far gone.  
Here are new gun builds and some that have been brought back from the grave
to be enjoyed again.
My GI 1911 has functioned as a testbed for many parts and upgrades...some
great and some not so great.  Currently this is a full build and tune with the
original frame, slide, barrel, and sights.  I tuned the action to a crisp 3.5 lb pull.  
I like the original hammer and trigger so I kept them.  Here's a little known trick
with these guns...I hand fit an oversize firing pin stop that notably reduces
recoil because it transfers more energy back into the mainspring earlier in the
recoil cycle.  If you shoot your 1911 a lot, even with lighter loads, I can
definitely take some recoil bite out of your gun with this simple fix. It's sweet
when this $600 parts build out-shoots a high dollar gun.  When I'm practiced
up, I can dance a golf ball at 25 yards with this thing.
Below (left) is a Taurus large frame M44, 44 Mag with 8.75" ported barrel.  I
installed a custom grip, Wolfe springs, a Weaver scope, and tuned the action.
1911A1 GI build
1911 A1 slide open
Taurus M44
Above (right) is a S&W Mod 1905 M&P built in 1948.  Someone had (gad!..)
parkerized it before I rescued it from my local smith...otherwise it was pristine.  
I duracoated it and installed a custom grip.
1948 S&W
KelTec FP9
Below (left) is a KelTec PF9 that I customized.  
Above (center and right) is my SA 45 Colt.  It's a work pistol I carry to dispatch
vermin and snakes when working on our land.  The holster was hand made by a
friend of mine.  He's considering making a few more for me to sell.  Let me
know if you like it.
My ol' 45
Made in Oklahoma Holster