TacDriver 2.5-10 x 50 Illuminated Mil Dot Riflescope by Kruger Optical
I was impressed on first examination out of the
box.  This is a VERY beefy scope weighing in at
750 grams or about 25.5 ounces and appears to be a very well made and durable
scope.  At the range, people were drawn to the scope like it was lit up in neon.  
They liked its look and feel, several commenting that they thought it was a tactical
Leupold or NightForce optic…it generated quite a crowd.  Optics Planet advertising
says this is a US made scope and the Kruger website implies it is US made.  There
are no serial number or OM markings; fortunately there is not a made in China
sticker on it either.  If it is US made, the scope/packaging should say so.  That said,
Kruger is an American optics company that builds some of their scopes in the US
with US and imported parts.  They also import some scopes from their overseas
Asian plant.  This scope has a 30mm maintube, fully multicoated optics, large tactile
resettable locking win/elev turrets marked in 1/4 MOA, a large tactile power zoom
ring and tactile side parallax focus turret, an innovative illuminated mil-dot reticle,
and very good flip-up lens covers.  Markings for zoom, side parallax focus, and
win/elev turrets are bright and clear.  However, the index marker on the turret
saddle for win/elev is a small dot which is partially covered by the up/right
adjustment arrow markings...the index markers should be larger and/or moved
away from the adjustment arrow markings.  The win/elev adjustments are positive
and distinct.  The turrets pull up to adjust and lock solidly in the down position to
prevent unintentional adjustment in the field.  Win/elev adjustment/tracking was a
little stiff and appeared a little sloppy but I did not “shoot the box” as I was having
some issues with the shooting platform (a custom rifle still in development) so
continued testing is in order on another, proven platform.  I was a bit disappointed
with optics clarity…while reasonably bright and clear in bright daylight, it was not
as bright as the smaller 40mm objective Leupold VX-II.  I also noticed some minor
edge color fringing and edge blurring with the power zoomed to greater than 8.  
Optics performance fell off somewhat in twilight conditions with the scope being
outclassed by a smaller 40mm objective Leupold VX-I and a same sized 50mm
objective Simmons Whitetail Classic.  The only major issue I have is the Kruger
website says the scope is a front focal or first image plane reticle but this scope
has a second image plane reticle which means MOA target sizing and ranging is
only accurate at one zoom range (typically 10X).  The company should update their
web-site data to accurately represent what they are selling, particularly something
as vitally basic as a first or second image plane reticle.  I bought this scope
because I thought it was a first image plane reticle, fortunately I like it enough to
keep it anyway.  Also, the literature that comes with the scope is very basic and
generic to their entire line of scopes (except their DTS Gen II).  A more detailed
brochure covering  mildot ranging with their tactical scopes would be very helpful
and would build confidence in their product, not to mention better product
presentation.  Unfortunately, the TacDriver scope packaging/presentation appear
no different from generic imports.  Many of today’s shooters prefer US made
optics…not stating US made is in fact the same as advertising “Not Made in USA”.  
Overall, I think this scope is a good buy.  It has features of a scope costing three
times as much but performance appears to be on par with its cost.  I will post an
updated review after I’ve had a chance to test it again, particularly win/elev
adjustment and tracking at the range.
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TacDriver 2.5-10x50
Lighted Reticle
TacDriver 2.5-10x50