Welcome to our neck of the woods!  Take a look around and check back often   
as we update our family friendly website.  Thanks for visiting and thank you
for your business. We're a small family run business, where I handle the
firearm  and gunsmithing side of the business, and my wife's side is handmade
crafts,  hair bows in particular, hence the website name gunsnbows.net.   You'll
receive friendly, personal, and professional service, we won't treat you like a

Thank You, God Bless You, Respectfully,
John & Katrina

Be safe and always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
Please pray for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  
Take a moment to thank our servicemen and servicewomen.
Spend time with your kids...they need you.
Consider joining the NRA to protect our shooting rights.

We’re not a volume dealer trying to flip every gun we can get just to make a
few bucks on every Tom, Harry, and Jane that comes in the door or across our
webpage. I personally select every new and used gun we offer. I feel
particularly privileged to be able to find and pass on older guns to new owners
who truly appreciate the history associated with each gun. Every old gun has a
tale to tell…some fascinating and some simple.  Each ding, scratch, or rust spot
holds a story of history, or family, or even of the owner’s survival.  From an
1873 SAA, to a depression era Winchester .22, to an East German Makarov, all
have interesting character and secrets to pass on.

Finally, in all honesty, I would much rather you buy the right gun from someone
else than for me to try to sell you something you don’t need, want, or doesn't fit
you. Yes, I know this is not a good business policy but it is a great policy in
life…it sounds a lot to me like the golden rule. God Bless you and thanks again.

Quote from the late
Herb Parsons...a real American Hero.  "If you take your boy
or girl hunting now you won't have to hunt
for them later."

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Below are a few commentaries I've written about the mess our country is in.  
Click to read

November 7, 2012 The Beginning of the Downfall of America.

My thoughts on reducing gun violence as posted on the White House, We the
People, website on 21 December 2012.

Liberalism and the Perversion of The Four Freedoms.
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